Fresh strawberries dipped in white chocolate

Kilo White Series is a new entrant into the e-juice market. Founded last year, the company was specifically created with the goal of helping new electronic cigarette users switch from traditional cigarettes while minimizing the cravings that many people feel. I have been told that many of the company’s e-liquids have been formulated with a slight touch of sweetness with the goal of pleasing this emerging market of new switchers. I now have a half dozen e-liquids from Kilo White Series to test, and I’ll be posting my thoughts over the coming weeks.

One of the first things I noticed upon examining Kilo E-Liquid is the fact that their prices are extremely competitive in the vape juice store; $25.00 per 60 ml bottle is significantly less than what many companies charge for e-liquid, and quantity discounts are available as well. In addition to the low base price, the company ships all orders free regardless of size. Many other companies offer free shipping for starter kits only.

It appears that Kilo White Series’ e-liquids use 100-percent polypropylene glycerol for their base as opposed to the polypropylene glycerol/vegetable glycerine mix that many companies use. As a result, I expect Kilo White Series’s e-liquids to be quite flavorful, although the vapor production may be lessened slightly.

Strawberry White Chocolate is my first 6 mg e-liquid, and the first thing I noticed upon trying it is that it delivers throat hit unlike anything else I’ve ever seen. I have usually recommended 16 mg as a good starting point for nicotine strength, though, and Kilo White Series’s has all e-liquids available at the 0-6 mg level as well, along with 8 and 0 mg.

The flavor of this e-liquid, however, is quite pleasant. While the strawberry flavor does taste more like strawberry candy than actual strawberries, the sweetness is nicely muted and doesn’t begin to collect on the tongue over time as it can with some very sweet e-liquids. Overall, I think that Strawberry White Chocolate is a nice basic fruit-flavored e-liquid that I would have no problem recommending to anyone who enjoys a fruit flavor with just a touch of sweetness.

The e-juices also come along with a white glass 60ml bottle.

Kilo White Series E juice
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White Chocolate Kilo White Series with Strawberry $17.60 White Strawberry Chocolate, Buy Now
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Ice Cream Kilo White Series $17.60 Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream & Cookie Buy Now
Crisp Marshmallow Kilo White Series $17.60 Marshmallow Rice Cereal, Buy Now

Kilo White Series White chocolate strawberry

Kilo White Series Chocolate Strawberry e juice is a balanced and perfect blend of strawberries dipped into a Belgian chocolate for a tasty dessert mixture of fruits with chocolate.

Kilo White Series Cinnamon Roll

The White Series Cinnamon Roll e-juice flavor is like a fresh baked cinnamon roll. On every inhale you’ll get the taste with a rich buttery feel and also doughy cinnamon roll taste. The throat hit is a smooth velvety frosting flavor during the exhale.

Kilo White Series Ice Cream Sandwich

Kilo White Series Ice Cream Sandwich e juice is a mixture of classic chocolate and the ice cream sandwich you grew up snacking on. The chocolate cookie flavor is predominant on your inhale with a creamy vanilla flavor during the exhale.


Kilo White Series Marshmallow Crisp

Kilo White Series Marshmallow Crisp is a tasty chewy rice cereal taste and a treat that’s bound together with sticky melted marshmallows. When you vape it, you can taste the flavor of a rice crisp treat, and also undertones of smooth and creamy marshmallows during exhaling.


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