Broke Dick manufactures a very notable range of premium cheap e-juices. I would go so far as to call them Super-Premium. Superlatives are often overused in the description of various ranges of e-liquid but in the case of Broke Dick there use is amply justified.

Broke Dick  Story

Broke Dick did not begin as a business. In 2008 after many months of trial and error attempting to make a better tasting, higher quality e-liquid than was available at that time they decided that an education in the flavorings industry was necessary. Following training to understand the fundamentals of flavor creation they felt able to create an e-liquid that had both the desired taste and smoothness while maintaining its consistency.

Naturally, these e-liquids once thus perfected became the daily staple of vaping friends and fellow workers. The local e-cigarette shop, from which they had purchased their first e-cigarette kit, asked if they could try out the e-liquid for themselves. Having vaped this exceptional e-liquid the shopkeeper immediately wanted to stock it in his store.

A selection of Broke Dick e-liquids reviewed on Youtube

Broke Dick was not so much founded as a company, as it was born from the demand created.  Broke Dick is still a family owned business which is based in  B Somerset Drive, Largo, FL, USA. They take pride in only using the highest quality American sourced ingredients and they share a passion with their customers who want to enjoy the smoothest, purest, highest quality e-liquid available.

Featured Products

5 Pack -$55.00

The 15th (120ml) – $22.00

Payday (120ml) – $22.00

Cash Advance (120ml) -$22.00

PrePaid (120ml)-$22.00

The 1st (120ml)-$22.00

The Broke Dick E-Juice range is centered around it’s best cheap vape juice flavor range. I’m personally not a lover of tobacco flavour e-liquids so my opinion of the core of their range is fairly worthless – however I am assured by those that still enjoy the flavour of the evil leaf that Broke Dick’s best cheap e-juice and its related e-liquids are among the best that you can ever hope to vape.

I was sufficiently impressed by the enthusiasm with which Broke Dick was praised by its devotees that despite my aversion to  the bourbon,  cappuccino, butterscotch, and cream flavours in general I did try Broke Dick Payday, which is their version of the combo of caramel, banana, Bourbon,  and so much more of this creaminess is an ADV flavour e-liquid that has been a daily staple of many Vapers for some years. In my early days as a vaper I used my fair share of others too, I can honestly say that Payday is the best e-liquid of its type that I have ever had the pleasure to vape.

If Payday was the only e-liquid that Broke Dick produced I might have been tempted to vape it regularly myself but I’m happy to report that they produce a range of other coconut and butterscotch flavors too. I have recently been indulging my taste buds with the following Broke Dick e-liquids.

Each has a remarkably distinctive flavor – strong and dominating but most certainly mouth-wateringly tasty. There is a multi-layered quality to every one of these juices that delight the senses of taste and smell with an unfolding palate of different tones. Probably more than any other e-liquid that I have tried, Broke Dick has the best cheap vape juice that changes it’s flavor characteristics depending on the temperature that it is vaporized at and the atomizer employed – and astonishingly I have yet to find a combination that does not bring a rewarding sensation.

The whole Broke Dick range has a pleasing smooth quality that is easy on the throat. The Nicotine concentrations of the range are a little different to those commonly found, they are 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. My choice was to step down the Nicotine strength scale to 15mg rather than my usual 6mg e-liquid choice and I’m pleased to report that I did not regret that decision once I had tried them. The flavor alone was sufficient reward, negating the need for a higher Nicotine strength. The 70/30 PG/VG mix employed by Broke Dick throughout its range gives plenty of vapor while carrying the complex flavors really well.

Buying or Selling Broke Dick cheap e-juice

Broke Dick has its own retail shop in its home country at 575 B Somerset Drive
Largo, FL 33773 “America’s Hartland” and an Interweb store that lists a very comprehensive range of flavors.

At the time of writing, Broke Dick feature the cheap e-juice-stimulus-package consisted of premium flavors each of which is available in a choice of differing Nicotine strengths – the depth of the stock held amply demonstrates the confidence that  Broke Dick  have in the FL