Have you ever tried an e-liquid that really clicked for you, but you couldn’t quite put your finger on the reason why? eSnaxx”s 120ML BIGFinDEAL Ejuice is like that for me. I’ve been using it every night for several days, to the point where the bottle is now almost empty. Yet, as I sit down to write this review, I’m still not entirely sure what to say about it except “it’s really good.”

It’s possible for an e-liquid company to go too far in the quest to create the most realistic cigarette-flavored e-liquid on the market. When a lot of people first switch to e-cigarettes, they probably think they want something that mimics the flavor of their tobacco cigarettes as closely as possible. However, the sweet e-liquids are the ones that sell best for most vendors. I imagine that’s probably because of the way your sense of taste changes when you stop using tobacco. In my case, I began to taste certain things much more acutely. Some foods that I thought I liked — garlic and cilantro, for example — I suddenly couldn’t stand.

The same was true of cigarette smoke. Although it may be years before I smoke a cigar or pipe again, I’m sure that I’ll always love the taste of great tobacco. Cigarette tobacco, however, usually isn’t great. People smoke cigarettes for the addiction, not for the taste. I discovered that when I ran out of e-liquid soon after purchasing my first e-cigarette. I bought a pack of cigarettes to tide myself over, and I thought they tasted horrible.

BIGFinDEAL is an e-liquid that is going to strike all the right chords for some people, but others may find it repugnant — especially after repeated use. At first, I got a rich, smoky flavor out of Natural Cinnamon that reminded me very much of real tobacco with a bit of added cocoa-like sweetness.

Over time, though, the sweet flavor became more and more difficult to detect, leaving a flavor that was very smoky, very scratchy and a bit harsh. As I continued using it, I kept finding myself lowering the voltage on my ProVari Mini because of the “dry burn” taste I was getting.

That being said, I think that eSnaxx BIGFinDEAL is quite an accomplishment. A lot of people need an e-liquid that produces a really dry, hot vapor to have a truly satisfying e-smoking experience. If that sounds like you, I’m confident that BIGFinDEAL will deliver exactly what you want if you select a high enough nicotine strength. I also think that bigfindeal e-juice is a great choice for people who have just switched to e-cigarettes and are looking for a truly accurate replacement for that your desired and satisfying flavor.

This line bigfindeal includes 10 amazing flavors in Max VG:

  • Strawberry chewy candy flavor Berry Burst
  • Marshmallow Cereal Boo Berry
  • Orange Flavored tangy drink
  • -Strawberry, Watermelon, and Coconut mix Tiger’s Blood
  • CRSP- Fruity Pebbles Frosted Flakes Rice Crispy Squares
  • Cinnamon Swirl
  •  Watermelon hard candy Happy Melon
  • Fruity gum Zebra Stripe
  • Grape Soda Purple Drank
  •  Blueberry Jam Filled Pastry Jammin

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