An apple a day or so they say. What is it about Apple e-juices that is so great to cause such a fuss?


Athena is a virgin goddess – goddess of war, wisdom, and crafts. Daughter of Zeus and Metis, she is talented and resourceful as well as a prized counselor. With political beginnings in the age of Mycenaean kings, the Athenian Acropolis evolved into the religious center of Classical Athens, and the symbol of an entire age.

Let the Goddess of war and wisdom consume you; this blend brings together sweet and tartness of red & green apple flavors mingling with other subtle fruit undertones to produce a flavorful vape that will give a calm but spiteful feeling to your senses.


Cyclops Vapor, LLC: The Creator Of Athena Vape Juice

Cyclops Vapor, LLC is one of the fastest growing liquid companies, with a multinational presence that has brought them into more than 300 stores throughout the U.S. and beyond. They have positioned themselves to be a leader in quality, safe production and customer service within the e-liquid industry.

Spec. of Athena:

Weight: 0.30 LBS
Size: 1oz, 2oz, 4oz
Strengths: 0mg, 3mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg

Review of Apple E-juice Athena:


Fruit Flavor Note of Athena:

Ida Red – The ultra-common “Red Apple” variety is known for its sweetness and crispness. This apple is an old variety which is very tangy tasting. Sometimes the flesh is tainted slightly pink. Ida Reds holds their shape well when baked, and they are also good in salads and for freezing.

Granny Smith – This green apple is crisp and very tart. Granny Smiths are enhanced when used with sweeter types of apples in pies and crisps.

Flavor is a critical quality attribute of apples defined by volatile aroma compounds.
Athena is a blend of two relatively straightforward flavors that don’t sound particularly appealing together, but this juice works, and it works well.

The main component is a very natural, very realistic tasting red apple flavor reminiscent of a cross between the Green Apple Delicious and crisp varieties.

Sour green apple is just one of those flavors that seem to be a mandatory part of every juice vendors catalog. I’m not sure if that’s because it’s a relatively easy flavor to mix, or because it’s that popular with vapers. Either way, this is a flavor that is not unlike the other ones. Is it good? Sure… it tastes like green apple flavor Jolly Rancher, but with a single note flavor like this, there’s just not a whole lot to say.

Throat Hit

The flavor, on its own, is quite impressive, incorporating the taste of flesh, juice, and skin, all of which present together immediately on the inhale with an intense full flavor and an innate sense of balance stemming from the sweetness and acidity.

On the latter half, its tangy on the exhale as well as the smooth and satisfactory finish, the apple is joined by another very realistic flavor component, the tartness of the green apple. For those of you who just turned up your nose, I’d advise you not to be so quick to judge. It is like baking an apple pie with a beautiful sweet – tart balance.


Earth tones make people feel at ease. And certain smells do the same.
The apples remain crisp, and the batter is very light and tasty and combined with sesame seeds and syrup. It is not just a tasteful sensation, but also a texture sensation.

The two flavors came together seamlessly and had you not been told the taste was pie it would have kept you guessing for quite some time. The apple is the dominant flavor with the other component coming in at a very close second, yet neither is overpowering, which allows both flavors the opportunity to present fully, before intertwining to create a single profile that is sweet, but not cloyingly so, thanks to the crisp bite that the red apple brings. The aroma is sweet. It smells like a light apple pie in the room. The scent lingered for about 20 minutes or so. It’s very pleasant and has a lovely aroma and taste that everyone loves!


In the Nemesis Vape Mod Clone, I spent most of my time with Athena. This had both the red apple and green apple flavors peaking simultaneously while providing a stronger than anticipated throat hit and the same generous cloud of vapor that the Seduce 50/50 blends are becoming known for. On an old Nemesis/IGO-W rig, built with dual 28ga Kanthal coils at .45Ω on 2mm Ekowool, this juice is flat out intense, and immensely satisfying, yielding an impressive flavor, powerful throat hit, and massive clouds of vapor.

Overall, this is a unique flavor e-juice, but more importantly, its a long way from a novelty vape. The natural fruit flavors combined with the more earthy dried fruit flavor makes this an easy ADV candidate for those who gravitate towards full flavored, crisp, natural tasting vapes.