Juice: Estival
Vendor: Cloud Alchemist.
Size: 10ml 30ml 120ml
Nicotine Level: 00mg 1.5mg 03mg 06mg 12mg
PG/VG Ratio: 20pg/80vg 50pg/50vg
Cost: $19.99 for 35ml
A light and sweet watermelon flavor in the front with the perfect apricot blend that mix with Strawberry as a background flavor and adds a ripeness to the overall flavor. The coconut comes into play and adds a creamy-sweet and savory flavor to the mix.

Website: https://cloudalchemist.com

This is a very refreshing flavor. It’s no secret that like many other vapers out there, I am a big fan of a great watermelon juice. After a bit of internal debate, I opted to try the Cloud Alchemists Juicy Watermelon flavor. It is unlike any watermelon liquid I’ve tried to date. First off, let me say it is bursting at the seams with sweet watermelon.

So I began vaping and very quickly realized that this was going to be one of the more difficult reviews I’ve had to write since beginning this website. Over the course of a week or so, a few hours here, a few hours there, I realized I had already vaped my way through over 8ml of this premium ejuice.

Right up front, I get a mix of all the flavors in a manner that perfectly matches the description. The almond is a smooth blend of almond butter and almond milk that just slathers the tongue in deliciousness. It’s followed by a light touch of the bakery with a sprinkle of sweetness. The strawberry kind of dances in the middle of a fresh strawberry compote sort of flavor. For me, it’s more subtle than the almond but is the perfect addition. On the exhale the almond takes back over in a sea of velvety almond milk with a touch of strawberry. The inhale is an authentic strawberry flavor, no candied flavor at all. It has a sweetness to it from the almond cream. The exhale brings that out more. The almond mixes with the cream & doesn’t taste strong or chemically like that. It’s light and airy.

Knowing that the bottle was closing in on empty, I sat down, turned off the TV, computer, and phone, and just focused on this juice when it finally hit me, sort of. The juice is deceptively simple, it comes across as a unique non-specific fruit flavor, almost like a fresh watermelon flavor, and that’s the “red” that I kept tasting, but it’s not a single, one-note juice, there are high overtones and dark, full undertones that make up the profile.

The most dominating player in the mix is most certainly of the watermelon and berry variety and may very well be some mixed berry flavor.

There also seems to be something bright and citrusy in the mix as well, but other than that, I’m really at a loss as to exactly what flavors are in there. I could throw out guesses all day long, but none will get you any closer to understanding what this juice tastes like, and that’s the overall goal.

The best way to describe this one is only to say that it’s a delicious combination of watermelon fresh fruit juice flavors, extraordinarily well balanced, not overly acidic, and that it leans heavily towards juicy sweet flavor, not candied but like a real watermelon freshness side of the spectrum. It’s bright, deliciously fruity, and sweet, but not cloyingly so with flavors that are so seamlessly intertwined, it’s almost impossible to tell where one ends and the next begins. The character of the festival is at its peak right around 8.5 watts or 4.6v on a 2.5Ω atomizer, which provides a decent throat hit and a moderate cloud of sweet fruity best ejuice vapor.

Color:    Light Brown
Ratio:    A 50/50 blend of PG & VG
Vapor Production:    A decent amount of vapor per hit
Tested @:    8.5v on a Phoenix Atomizer at 2.5 Ohms