With its highly-authentic taste, Crucible Cream eLiquid Sampler serves as a great inspiration for other flavors. This pure taste of strawberries will come as a huge relief for most vapers out there. For way too long, they have been forced to remain content with flavors that contain artificial and chemical taste.

This exceptionally good vape juice will also excite all the vapers who are fond of high-temperature vaping juices. This e-liquid product after all bears the brand name of Forge Vapor, an upcoming e-liquid company that knows exactly how to make the most incredible high-temperature vaping juices.


Crucible Cream eLiquid’s delicious taste offers a feeling that only freshly picked strawberries can bring forth. This authentic taste will unarguably lay a new benchmark that most competitors are going to find very tough to compete with. The good thing about this e-juice doesn’t end here. You’ll get a hint of dairy cream, which has been perfectly blended with strawberries. This marriage that can only be described as sweet and blissful marriage has brought forth an irresistible taste.

But the real beauty of this vape juice comes forth when you fine-tune the temperature settings and allow yourself the pleasure of enjoying different shades of taste at different temperatures. You’ll enjoy more strawberry taste at lower temperatures and thick cream flavor at higher temperatures. This varying taste will take your vaping experience to a level that will leave you feeling completely satisfied.

This utopian feeling is all thanks to the fact that this product has been manufactured by a company like Forge Vapor. For all those who are not aware, this is an upcoming e-liquid company that has built an envious reputation for making exceptionally good high-temperature vaping juices.

Nicotine Strength

Vapers have three nicotine options to choose from; 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. The 0mg and 3mg versions won’t give you much as far as throat hit is concerned. Throat hit is almost absent in these two levels. On other hand, you’ll get a satisfying throat hit from vape juice with nicotine level of 6mg. If you do choose to buy this e-liquid with 6mg nicotine level, don’t be wary about getting burning or itching sensations. This e-juice is incredibly smooth on the throat.

Vapor Production

This stuff has exceptionally good vapor production. Thick and puffy clouds coming out after every hit. This will leave all cloud chasers feeling excited. Their sense of excitement will only grow further as they come to realize that these clouds really last for a long time and so does the accompanying fragrance. Its enchanting fragrance is a big add-on and will further enhance your vaping experience.

Packaging Design

Crucible Cream eLiquid Sampler’s package design is based on universal theme that is found on all Forge Vapor products. A thermometer nicely stands out against the background picture of an intense raging fire. This design is so bang-on as far as conveying Forge’s USP of high-temperature vaping is concerned. Forge Vapor’s resounding success can partly be attributed to its simple yet effective package design.


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Crucible Cream eLiquid is bond to become your new favorite e-juice. Its authentic strawberry taste coupled with its breathtaking high-temperature vaping experience is good enough reason to keep your taste buds excited. The good vapor production along with its incredible smooth flow through the throat make this product equally worth buying it.