When you think you’ve already tasted all the best fruit based ejuices, then give Summer Sweetie by Vape Moar a try. Watermelon lovers will unquestionably crave for the refreshing kind of flavor coming from this juice.

Based on its flavor profile, “There’s a special time during the peak of summer when the watermelons are ripe on the vine and at their most delicious, anyone whose ever tried one of these ripe, juicy treats knows true love. We’ve captured that love and bottled it, just for you! This is no candy eliquid, we’ve worked hard to give you all of the watermelon flavor and sweetness, without the additives that make a lot of melon eliquids cloyingly sweet. You’ll love the thin but powerful flavor, just like a real watermelon. It’s a flavor you can vape all day without feeling overpowered or blown away by the sticky sweetness of.”

This bottle is definitely packed with a sweet watermelon flavor, and you won’t miss that on both the inhale and exhale. Its taste is spot-on, and you will really enjoy the sheer quality of this premium vape juice. It is as if you are treating yourself with a freshly blended ripe watermelon smoothie. It has a bold but not overwhelming watermelon taste. This is a guaranteed good vape juice!

What I like most about Summer Sweetie is its naturally sweet taste. It is interesting to note that this does not contain any artificial sweeteners or additives. This is a perfect all-day vape. So regardless if it is summer or whatever season, you can never go wrong with Summer Sweetie’s refreshing taste.
Summer Sweetie is a blend of 78% vegetable glycerin and 22% propylene glycol. Since this is a high vegetable glycerin blend, the ejuice consistency is thick. This also fits whether you are using a sub-ohm tank or a rebuildable dripping atomizer. Its vape is smooth and pleasant. It does not give you fits of coughing or spluttering, or nose tingling sensation. And when it comes to clouds, this produces massive and fragrant ones.

There are five nicotine strengths available for Summer Sweetie. It comes in 0mg, 2mg, 4mg, 8mg, and 16 mg of nicotine. While there are several guidelines on what nicotine level you should start vaping with, such decision ultimately falls into your hands. Answering a few questions can also help figure that out. Questions like “Do you get dizzy or light headed after just a few drags?” “Do you get a headache after only a light session of vaping?” or “Do you feel your throat burn uncomfortably when you inhale?” If these are applicable to you, then there is a big chance that you are using a nicotine level that is higher than what your body is used to. Usually, vapers go one level down and find relief to some of the symptoms. Experimenting several nicotine levels is another way.

Just like the rest of Vape Moar Small Prices eliquids, Summer Sweetie comes in glass bottles with a twist off, childproof cap. It flaunts classy and straightforward packaging. Wrapped around the bottle is a white-colored label that displays the brand name, flavor name, nicotine level, lot number, expiration date, and the usual warnings, to name a few.

Craving for the summer refreshing watermelon blend from Vape Moar now? You can buy your own 18 ml sampler bottle of Summer Sweetie for as low as $3 only. But if you are not in the mood for some fruit flavors, Vape Moar has a wide array of interesting blends to offer. This includes Georgia Striker, Melon Quench, Blueberry Boss, Smith’s Apple, and Crucible Cream. Visit its website to check sample sizes.

Overall, I will give Summer Sweetie a score of 9 across the board. This is a great flavor whatever season you are in. The taste is really delicious and is one of a kind. Vapor/cloud production is excellent, and it is a perfect all-day vape. Packaging is also nice and clean. I am highly recommending this to you.

Vape Moar takes pride in producing high quality ejuices at lower prices. It aims to deliver its products directly to end consumers, ditching retailers and resellers. It wants to give its customers a better vaping experience.