After tasting Morning Sin eliquid by SMPL Juice, I got no doubts why it became a sensation practically upon its release. This will surely become a new addition to your donut favorite. Lucky for you too as you got one of the best-tasting donut based vape juices ever crafted. What’s more, its price is surprisingly so affordable. What are you waiting for now? Ditch those expensively priced competitors and get your own bottle of Morning Sin ejuice at now.

“Morning Sin Eliquid unleashes your desire and cravings with a hot freshly made donut topped with a sinfully sweet and delicious glaze… Yummm!”

Close your eyes and you won’t believe the oven-fresh donut scent coming out from this bottle. The juice itself is not pasty or heavy compared with other glazed donut-based flavors. With this consistency, rest assured your coils or atomizers are safe from those coil-gunking sweetener additives.

Vaping it, you will undeniably enjoy the warm and puffy donut flavor. This awesome and mouthwatering taste is further enhanced by the sugary and buttery donut batter taste that will coat your tongue. Give a few more seconds and your taste buds will go gaga as the delicious sweet vanilla glaze plays around your palate. Combine all these honest to goodness flavors and you will get a nice, sweet, and authentic glazed donut flavor on the exhale. Now all you need is a cup of hot coffee to compare your morning!

Since we are talking about donuts, I bet you are starting to clear your throats to prepare for its sweet notes. It is interesting to note that Morning Sin gives off a non-overly kind of sweetness. It will not overwhelm the flavor and it feels so smooth and pleasant on the throat. Its throat hit is just mild, enough to let you know that it is there. You can’t feel any nose tingling sensation or fits of coughing and spluttering as well. While most dessert-based flavors have nasty aftertaste, this flavor does not leave any traces behind. That being said, you can vape this all-day every day.

Morning Sin by SMPL Juice is a blend of 70% vegetable glycerin and 30% propylene glycol. Clouds are huge, dense, and fluffy. It can also fill any type of room with glazed donut-scented clouds in no time. Imagine standing outside Krispy Kreme’s commissary while they bake our all-time favorite glazed donuts.

Just like the rest of its lineup, Morning Sin by SMPL Juice comes in a 120 ml chubby gorilla plastic bottle. It comes with a child-resistant cap to prevent accidents with kids and even pets. It also has a narrow needle-like tip that allows you to directly transfer the ejuice into any atomizer or dripper. If you get hold of the bottle, you will immediately notice its ‘smpl’ yet straightforward design. A label has been wrapped around the container too so you can easily check all important facts about the ejuice such as the brand name, flavor name, nicotine strength, expiration date, manufacturing date, and size. The label has an interesting design of differently sized and colored triangles.

There are three nicotine strengths available for Morning Sin. It comes in 0 mg, 3 mg, and 6 mg nicotine levels. Non-smokers who just want to get the feel of smoking and casual smokers with no nicotine hit cravings prefer the 0 mg. Those who are practicing or mastering their vaping skills also do not want any nicotine. The 3 mg is suitable for sub-ohm vapers, and the 6 mg level for those who want to transition down from 12 mg. Of note, this is not a concrete, must-follow guideline. Picking the correct nicotine level is more of a personal choice since you will be satisfying only yourself.

Now who says delicious flavors and decent throat hits are highly priced? Morning Sin surely will blow your mind but not your pocket. For as low as $15, you will definitely enjoy its scrumptious blend. Plus, with its hefty 120 ml size, you can even share some with your friends without worrying it will run out soon. The bottle can last up to weeks for average users. The affordable price is part of SMPL Juice’s concept to produce premium quality eliquids in bigger bottles at very affordable prices.