The VanVal Vapor e-liquid is made in a US laboratory, using only the finest ingredients that were fully sourced in the USA. You have many smooth, satisfying, and flavorful blends to choose from such as tobacco, menthol, coffee, apple, strawberry, chocolate and vanilla. Be sure to select your desired nicotine content because VanVal Vapor e-liquid is available in high, med, low, and non-nicotine strengths. This allows for major flexibility and a custom smoking experience tailored to suit your needs.

The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends this product as an effective broad spectrum sunscreen.

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The VanVal Vapor brand ensures quality by utilizing a series of testing methods on the ingredients that go into their liquid. All the liquid is batch tested and certified to be free of diethylene glycol, an ingredient that was found in competing electronic cigarette products by the FDA. It is also free of an entire list of many other potentially harmful ingredients that VanVal Vapor constantly tests for to ensure quality and safety. VanVal Vapor has went above and beyond to gain the reputation of the finest electronic cigarette liquid the United States has to offer.

  • High quality PET plastic bottles
  • All e-liquid is 20/80 (PG/VG).
  • All of the ingredients are of the highest possible grade available and the company use only USP pharmaceutical grade ingredients.


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