There are so many e-liquid flavors available on the market today that it is easy to be spoilt for choice. There is an e-juice based on the flavor of just about any food or beverage that you can think of – from fruit cocktails to desserts, and even seafood treats. With that said, some flavor profiles have been more successful than the others. In the others, we’ll look at five of the best tasting vape juice flavor profiles to guide you when making a purchase.

1. Fruit

Fruit e-liquids are arguably the most popular on the market. There are tons of fruity vape juice blends out there from the usual apples to downright exotic fruits like mango and dragon fruit. Fruity vapes are usually reserved for the summertime, but you can enjoy them at any time of the year. Fruity e-liquids are very refreshing. It is rare to find a fruity blend that is very bad. It appears that this is a safe option for vape juice makers. Nonetheless, some brands have mastered the art of creating authentic fruity e-liquids. You can get vape juice blends that taste like cocktails and some that taste like smoothies. Regardless of the type of fruity e-liquid that you fancy, Ejuice Plug has got you covered. This store contains fruity vapes from some of the leading brands on the market.

2. Menthol

Who doesn’t love menthol? Next to fruits, menthol vapes are a classic. It is rare to find pure menthol e-liquids, but there are a few. Instead, you will find a lot of fruity and menthol blends as well as a few tobacco and menthol blends. The main appeal of menthol vapes is that they have an invigorating feel. Trust me, vaping an e-liquid with menthol flavor during the hot summer months is a heavenly experience. There are scores of menthol vapes on the market. Some of the best ones can be found at

3. Dessert

Did you know that you can savor the taste of your favorite dessert all day long without worrying about packing on calories? Yes, if you have a thing for sumptuous desserts, then you must try e-liquids with this flavor profile. There is a vast array of dessert vapes out there from creamy custard to doughnuts, cakes, and so much more. Dessert e-liquids are specially created to tingle your taste buds. Vaping some of these e-liquids will make you feel as though you’re feasting on your favorite dessert. Don’t just take my word for it. Check out the Ejuice Plug online vape shop to pick from the best dessert vape juice blends that the market has to offer.

4. Coffee

If you love coffee as I do, then you will enjoy coffee e-liquids. There are so many coffee vapes out there. From cappuccino to espresso and even the unusual like coffee and tobacco. Coffee e-liquids give you the same livening sensation that you get from sipping on your favorite beverage, and they’re just as enjoyable. If you are looking to try some of the best coffee e-liquids on the market, visit the E-Juice Plug online store and look through the company’s collection of coffee e-liquids from some of the top e-juice brands. It is almost guaranteed that you will find something to satisfy your taste buds.

5. Tobacco

Tobacco e-liquids are a bit ironic since most people get into vaping to ditch smoking tobacco. However, they are handy, particularly for people who are trying to switch from smoking to vaping. Tobacco e-liquids are quite delightful, especially if you are a tobacco lover. There are all types of tobacco vape juice blends out there. Some of them, like a mixture of tobacco and vanilla custard, will leave you in awe. You do not have to give up on the earthy taste of tobacco just because you quit smoking. Visit and pick from the choicest tobacco e-liquids that money can buy.