In 2011, Eleaf was established. From that time up to date, they continually provide vapers with unbeatable, high-quality products. To give vapers the absolute best in vape experience, Eleaf integrates modern technology in all their products.

If you’re not a newcomer in the vape world, then you can recognize pod systems that sport amazing, yet distinctive features. For any smoker looking for a successful transition from smoking to vaping, a good pod system is one way to make that transition a lot easier.

This review focuses on the Eleaf Tance. Now, there’s a very identical model known as the Tance Max that is quite different from the Tance in terms of specification and performance. In comparison with the Tance Max, the Tance is smaller, slimmer, and lighter.

Without further ado, you can get the Eleaf Tance Starter Kit on Eleaf World for $23.19-$27.60 depending on your region.

Design and Build Quality

The dimensions for the Tance is 96.6 x 24.0 x 14.0mm. Its size makes the Tance snug to carry in your hand, and it’s light-weight, yet not too light. The pod device utilizes IML Technology together with an Ergonomically-friendly Mouthpiece. it’s fashionable and will lay perfectly on your lip every time to vape.

The Eleaf Tance Starter Kit is made high-quality zinc alloy, and plastic inserts. The Tance pod system has very nice curves, that makes it easier to hold. The Pod device comes in a spectrum of ingenious finishes: Black, Macaron, Black Streak, Scarlet, Star, and White Streak. The choice is left whichever best suits you.

The Tance pod system is draw-activated, which means the device uses an automatic switch to activate its battery, kind of like an actual cigarette.

The Eleaf Tance is a refillable pod device that has a 2ml refillable pod capacity. The coil head within the pod has a resistance of 1.2ohm, and that makes it very appropriate for nic salt e-juices or any e-juice that has high nicotine concentration. The cartridge uses a bottom-squeeze refill method that makes filling the pod easier and faster. To refill the cartridge, you simply squeeze the fill slot that is at the bottom of the cartridge.

The device features two airflow holes on the two sides of the Tance device which can give you two different vaping experiences, this depends on how you insert the cartridge into the device.


The Eleaf Tance Starter Kit uses a powerful 580mAh battery that is built into the device. The battery has an output wattage of 10W, which means it is powerful enough to chuck out dense clouds over and over. The Tance does not have the biggest battery capacity for a pod system however, it does offer a superb and untiring flavour, and if you are not so much of a heavy vaper, then the device can last you a whole day on just one full charge.

Charging the device is a breeze with the Type-C USB charging compatibility. You can recharge from zero to full in no time. The Type-C USB charging port is found at the bottom of the device, and it offers a convenient and secure way to charge your device.

The Tance device has an LED indicator on the front of the device that allows you to watch your battery while you vape. It uses two colours to indicate the device’s battery level; Green for once the battery is between 100-20%, and red for once the battery is below 20%, and in need of a recharge.

Packaging style

The Eleaf Tance packaging design is like a trademark for all products designed by Eleaf. The Tance Starter Kit is an example of how much of an amazing job Eleaf does when packaging their products. The Tance Starter Kit comes in a cardboard box with a picture of the device on the front, and on the back, there’s an inventory of the contents, and also some warnings. The kit includes:

  • 1x Tance battery
  • 1x Tance 1.2ohm cartridge
  • 1x Type-C USB Cable
  • 1x User Manual


Among the vast number of pod systems out there, the Eleaf Tance device has proven to be worthy. It is a tiny, yet powerful device with the potential to become your favourite pod system whenever you need a good vape.