The Uwell Caliburn a follow-up to the Uwell Crown. It is a simple pod device that will suit both beginners and seasoned vapers. If you are new to vaping and you’re looking for a hassle-free device that you can use to enjoy both nicotine salt and freebase nicotine e-liquids, this is an excellent option. It could also serve as a device to use on-the-go if you are a seasoned vaper.

The Uwell Caliburn has a sleek design. It has an aluminum alloy chassis with a plastic duck-billed mouthpiece which is very comfortable. It measures 110mm by 21.2mm by 11.6mm. You can easily fit this device in your pocket or bag.

The Uwell Caliburn is very easy to use. There is only one button on it, which serves as the firing button and power button. The device is draw-activated, but you can also use the firing button.

The Caliburn has a 520mAh battery. It has a maximum wattage output of 11W. The battery can last for a few hours. This Uwell device comes with a micro USB cable for charging it. The Caliburn doesn’t support pass-through, but the battery powers up very quickly.

There are two main parts of the Uwell Caliburn – the battery and the pod. There is a magnetic connection that holds both components together. Like most vaping devices, you need to press the firing button of the Caliburn five times to turn it on. There is an LED light around the firing/power button that flashes on when the device comes on. The LED light doubles as a battery life indicator. When the light is green, the battery is around 60 percent, blue indicates 30 percent, and red means the battery life is below 30 percent.

The Uwell Caliburn pod can hold 2ml of e-juice. Unlike most pod devices on the market, this is refillable. You simply need to remove the duck-billed mouthpiece to access the refill port. The device comes with a stainless steel coil with a resistance range of 1.2 ohms to 1.4 ohms. The device comes with organic cotton wicking. You will get thick, milky clouds and rich flavor when vaping with the Caliburn. This device was made for mouth-to-lung vaping, but you can use it for direct lung hits.

The Uwell Caliburn is a five-star vaping device. Uwell is not known for making pod devices, but the company did an exceptional job with this one. It feels comfortable in hand and performs excellently. The Caliburn is just as good as the Juul. The main advantage of this device over other pods on the market is that you can vape the e-liquid of your choice. Also, it is suitable for vaping freebase nicotine e-liquids.

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