The Orion DNA Go is a revolutionary pod device. It is very similar to the Orion Q Kit by Lost Vape but has some unique features.

The Orion DNA Go allows you to customize your vaping experience. Also, it comes with a powerful battery. This Lost vape pod kit is suitable for both newbies and seasoned vapers. Whether you want to vape nicotine salt or freebase nicotine e-liquids; direct lung or mouth-to-lung hits, this device will do the job.

The Orion DNA Go by Lost Vape comes with the Evolv DNA Go chipset. It has a 950mAh built-in battery and can fire up to 40W. The Orion DNA Go looks like a box mod, but it is quite different. It has a solid, compact design with a dimension of 93mm by 37mm by 13.5mm. You can choose between a black or silver shell and abalone or carbon fiber side panels.

On the side of the Orion DNA Go battery, you will find a round firing button as a small button at the bottom and snap control button at the top. Like other vaping devices, you need five clicks to turn on the Orion DNA Go on/off. The power button also doubles as the firing button. As indicated above, the device comes with a 950mAh battery. To check the battery level, simply press the firing button twice. It will show a green light if the battery is full; a yellow light if the battery level is medium; and a red light if the battery is low.

The Orion DNA Go supports adjustable wattage output. You can choose between low, medium, or high by pressing the small settings button (which is below the firing button) once. It will show red for the highest setting; blue for the medium setting; and white for the low setting.

Lost Vape’s Orion DNA Go has a playback setting which allows the device to give you the same kind of hits. If you take a puff from this device and you like how it feels, press the settings button continuously until it flashes green. If you want to remove the playback setting, press the settings button until a red light flashes.

The 950mAh battery of the Orion DNA Go is quite powerful. It will give you enough power to vape all day long – depending on how frequently you take puffs.

The pod of the Orion DNA Go can hold 2ml of e-juice, and it is refillable. The package includes three pods; one with a 0.5 ohm coil and two with 0.25 ohm coils. To attach the pod to the device, simply snap it on, and it will click into place. To remove it, push up the switch above the firing button. To refill the pod, simply unscrew the stainless steel cap next to the drip tip. To adjust the firing button, you need to turn the ring at the base of the drip tip. There are dual airflow slots. The Orion DNA Go can be used for either direct lung or mouth-to-lung vaping. It will give you smooth hits and massive clouds of vapor.

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