Making your own e-liquid allows you to create flavor profiles that have never been seen before. You can experiment with each ingredient to come up with e-liquids you will be proud to show your friends. Making your own e-liquid is easy but you need some basic knowledge of math and chemistry. It’s easy to repeat a failed experiment over and over again if you do not get the math right. What is worse is that you can cause harm to your body if you do not understand the chemistry of the e-liquid mixing process.

If you are learning how to make e-liquids, a little research will do you much good. The research will always lead you to create e-liquids that taste great and vape just how you want it without causing harm to your body.

Vape juice contains four basic ingredients.

  • Vegetable glycerin (VG)
  • Propylene glycol (PG)
  • Flavor concentrates
  • Nicotine

Simple Math Equals Outstanding Eliquid

If you fret the idea of doing math, you are not alone. Even experienced DIY vapers started out with a fear of math, talk more of using it in an e-liquid. If you are new, you may think making an e-liquid is just about mixing all these ingredients as you like without understanding the need for proportions.

Mixing haphazardly like this can lead to unexpected and often, if not all the time, poor results.

Finding the right proportions is not a complex mathematical equation. You will be adding each element in percentages. If you are following a recipe, they should already have them laid out for you. If you are experimenting, a good rule of thumb is for your flavor concentrates to not exceed ten percent of the entire e-liquid mixture.

VG and PG are used in ratios, so learning about them is important as they greatly affect the end result of your e-liquid mixture. A higher ratio of VG means your e-liquid will be thicker and produce more clouds. On the other hand, if your e-liquid has a higher ratio of PG, it will be thinner but carry intense flavor and a stronger throat hit.

Simple Chemistry Will Keep You Safe While Mixing

If you have done any research on how to make e-liquids, chances are that they emphasized the need for some equipment such as bottles, syringes, gloves, and goggles. Although making e-liquids is not going to involve any toxic or explosive chemical reactions, it can still be dangerous to your body if you are not careful.

Nicotine, for example, is a chemical that is easily absorbed by your body, and it can lead to rashes or irritations.

Flavor concentrates are composed of atoms that trigger different reactions when combined. This is why too much of one flavor can override another. So knowing which flavors work best together and what proportions to use them will benefit your e-liquid making process.

Chemistry also comes into play when determining the type and quality of favor concentrates you will be using for your e-liquid mixture. If you understand the names of the chemicals commonly used in e-liquid flavor concentrates, you will be able to easily spot low-quality flavor concentrates, as well as flavor concentrates that are not designed to be vaped. Getting your flavor concentrates from reputable manufacturers like Flavorah can save you a lot of time and money.