Most if not every one of us battles stress at some point and in different forms meaning that it is a normal phenomenon. It is a result of your body and mind being subjected to pressure or aggression from your environment. However, you should not let this stress linger, not when you have a natural remedy like CBD with its incredible holistic approach for solving several mental health issues. You have probably even heard a colleague or friend talk about how they used CBD oil for stress and its amazing effects and cannot wait to give it a try. Read this before you go ahead.

Some ways to know what you are stressed out are muscle aches, headaches, dizziness, nausea, fatigue, and sleep problems, among others. 

What is CBD?

CBD is a chemical compound (cannabinoid) that is naturally occurring in the cannabis plant. This could either be the hemp or marijuana plants however, CBD is found more in the hemp while THC is found more in the marijuana plant. CBD does not have the negative qualities of THC in that it cannot get you high.

THC stands for tetrahydrocannabinol. It is another one of over 100 chemical compounds found in the cannabis plant. It is a psychoactive compound and incredibly popular because it is single-handedly responsible for the “high” feeling that is associated with cannabis.

What is CBD Oil?

How Does Cbd Oil Help With Stress?

Remember we just said that CBD or cannabidiol is obtained from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Well, when CBD is extracted you obtain a thick substance that is then suspended in a carrier oil like olive oil or coconut oil to give CBD oil which is a product that contains a particular amount of CBD. In the end, CBD oil not only delivers CBD’s amazing health benefits but also the health benefits of the carrier oil. 

Does CBD Oil Help With Stress?

According to research, CBD is a 5-HT1A receptor agonist. What this means is that CBD can increase the transmission activity of the 5-HT1A receptor. This receptor is quite popular as it belongs to the family of serotonin receptors also known as the ‘happiness hormone’.  By increasing its transmission activity, CBD in turn can increase the ability of serotonin in the synaptic space.

Some studies also suggest that CBD could help to counterbalance the brain damage that is associated with chronic dress.

What Is The Best CBD Oil Dosage For Stress?

When talking about the right dosage, you should know that in the case of CBD, there is no general dosage as one person may need more concentration of CBD than the next. This is thanks to factors such as body weight and body chemistry. If you are just starting then you want to start with a little dose and watch how the CBD affects your body before going ahead to increase the dosage if the need arises. Starting with little doses allows your body to build its tolerance to CBD. 

How Does Cbd Oil Help With Stress?

Are There Any Side Effects?

CBD is considered to be well-tolerated and safe meaning that you would hardly experience any side effects when using it. It is also non-psychoactive and non-addictive so you wouldn’t have a problem if you use it too much especially if your CBD product contains less than 0.3% of THC. However, in most cases, there have been reports of the following side effects: diarrhea, dry mouth, drowsiness, and reduced appetite. Although, these are usually with people that are not used to nutrient-based foods or CBD.


It may look like a promising solution, and in most cases it is. However, before going ahead to add CBD to your daily regimen, make sure to speak with your doctor. This is even more important if you are on any other form of medication. 

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