The manufacturers of the Vuse Alto considered all the possible options available in the quest to create one of the best pod devices on the market today. They put every idea to test before settling on the design of this pod system.

The Vuse Alto has curved lines at the top and the bottom and this accentuates the already impressive aesthetics of the device. Everyone knows that cravings can come on you anytime and it can be frustrating if you can’t satisfy your desire. This is why the Vuse is light and portable. What this simply means is that you could go anywhere with your favorite pod system. From the loo to a walk in the park on a road trip with friends and even out on the roof top staring at the stars with a lover, this device can go everywhere with you. Vuse pods come with an array of flavors to satisfy your preferences.

With Vuse pods, you can enjoy an unlimited all-day-use. When it is fully charged, the e-cigarette gives you a total of 195 puffs. Each pod can produce up to 275 puffs before you will need to replace it.

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