How about treating your taste buds to a delicious infusion of summer fruits, made available to you in a short-fill bottle. The Summer Blaze E-liquid is one of the best-selling blends of sweet fruits brought to you by IVG Classics. There is a range of premium eloquence made in the UK. They offer a wide variety of fruits and mental blends that are formulated for sub-ohm vaping. All of their eloquence including this Summer Blaze E-liquid available in short field bottles allowing you to create your perfect flavored nicotine mix.

Flavor Profile

The Summer Blaze E-liquid by IVG Classics features a brilliant mixture of Sicilian lemonade and summer berries that would be an absolute favorite for just about any fruit-loving vaper.  We inhale your teeth bones to enjoy the fresh summer fruit blend with a hint of peach. When you exhale you are treated to a complimentary, zesty lemonade flavor with chilled ice to create a refreshing experience that is perfect for an all-day vape.

Summer Blaze E-liquid by IVG Classics Review

The flavor is well-balanced and smooth such that your tongue may not be able to have enough for it. The delicious taste lingers in your mouth long after you’re done vaping. In terms of its flavor combination, this may just be the best shortfill e-liquid for fruit-loving vapers.

PG/VG Ratio

Both propylene glycol (PG) and vegetable glycerin (VG) are incredibly important ingredients in every eliquid mixture since they are responsible for carrying all of the other ingredients so you can vape them, ultimately influencing the overall performance of the eliquid. 

In the summer Blaze E-liquid case, IVG Classics prepared this blend with a concentration ratio of 70 percent vegetable glycerin (VG) and 30 percent propylene glycol (PG). This is one of the most popular ratios in the industry and it is because of its flavor and vapor production.

In this case, every drug will be filled with bold delicious flavor and as well as huge clouds of vapor that will satisfy every cloud chaser out there. 

Like all other liquids from this brand, Summer Blaze is also designed o be used for sub-ohm vaping and you wouldn’t have any issues with it clogging your coils so fast. 

Nicotine Concentration

Since the Summer Blaze E-liquid by IVG Classics is available in a short fill bottle, it contains 0mg of nicotine. This means that you have the liberty to add as much nicotine to the eliquid mixture to create the perfect nicotine hit that you so desire. Its nicotine-free nature also means that the eliquid is fully compliant with all of the TPD rules and regulations.


Summer Blaze E-liquid by IVG Classics Review

The Summer Blaze E-liquid by IVG Classics comes in a 60 ml capacity chubby gorilla bottle with a childproof cap. The bottle itself contains 50 ml of the 0 MG e-liquid formula. This leaves 10 ml space for you to add the nicotine shots of your desired strength.  You can get a bottle of this liquid formula for £11.99 on

How To Use ShortFills

In this case, you simply add your desired amount of nicotine to the eliquid mixture. Next is to cover up the bottle and shake vigorously so the nicotine perfectly mixes with the other ingredients present in the eliquid mixture. Once you are done, you then have a ready-to-vape eliquid formula.

You should note that adding 1 x 18 MG nicotine shot will give you 60 ml with 3mg nicotine strength e-Liquid.

Final Verdict

If you are a fan of great-tasting e-Liquid flavor as well as sub-ohm vaping and cute vapor production, then this Summer Blaze E-liquid by IVG Classics might just be the right e-Liquid for you.