Why would you want to get addicted to nicotine when there is a healthier option? To start with, even people addicted to smoking traditional cigarettes are now looking for a way to kick the habit, so even if you are already used to smoking, you don’t want to be addicted to tobacco or nicotine. You want something that offers a better taste experience in the same format that you prefer. You should have a satisfying smoking experience. And here is a better alternative. 

With TAAT, you can now worry less about the harm that nicotine can cause, and no one should tell you to quit smoking unless you want to. You just need to smoke ‘better. Every bit of your smoking experience should be refreshing and satisfying just the way you like it, and that is what TAAT cigarettes offer.

When you roll your paper, as you let it burn, you inhale that familiar scent just like your regular tobacco cigarettes. Your smoking feels the same. Nothing changes apart from the fact that TAATs are zero nicotine cigarettes.

What Exactly Are TAATs?

TAATs are zero nicotine cigarettes brought to you by a brand whose mission is to provide a worthy alternative to traditional tobacco materials while retaining some of the qualities of tobacco. They chose hemp as the material for TAAT.

TAATs are produced in a way that ensures a consistent quality product with a consistent CBD content in the hemp filler, resulting in a pleasurable smoking experience comparable to that of a tobacco cigarette. They trademarked it and dubbed it Beyond Nicotine.

Every intricate detail that was skillfully woven into them TAAT takes your breath away. You’ll feel as if you’ve been hooked on a real tobacco cigarette after smoking a TAAT.

But why choose TAAT?

  • TAAT comes in the same 20 sticks as your regular cigarette. But in more conventional flip-top cartons at a lesser cost than your regular big brands.
  • TAAT contains up to 25% CBD potential per stick with less than 0.2% THC
  • TAAT allows you to do what you love-smoking without getting addicted.
  • It contains zero Nicotine and zero Tobacco which can help you avoid the persistent nicotine cravings that come with smoking tobacco cigarettes for a long time.
  • It comes in 100% organic hemp and water. Plus a blend of 100% FDA-approved food-grade ingredients gives you the exact tobacco flavor you’re used to.
  • With TAAT you have the absolute right to cut down on harmful and addictive Nicotine while still choosing the freedom of taste.

TAAT gives you the option of choosing from 3 different unique varieties. Without further ado, here they are:

TAAT Smooth: Just whenever you think of relaxation. It provides you with a lighter-tasting flavor that gives you that calm and undisturbed moment. An almost exact taste like Marlboro Gold, American Spirit Yellow and Pall Mall Blue.

TAAT Menthol: A unique minty freshness that offers that menthol taste just like Newport tobacco free cigarettes. Perfect for you who wants to smoke something pleasurable yet nonaddictive.

TAAT Original: Just like your conventional cigarette but with our own Beyond Tobacco Filter plus FSC branded paper. It fills your mouth with a strong big bold taste similar to Marlboro Red, Winston, and American Spirit Blue.


Any time you feel like smoking, this is how you should get a pack of TAAT. With  only $6.99, visit https://trytaat.com and follow the steps:

  • Choose your most preferred flavor
  • Continue to check-out

That’s all there is to it, and your non-addictive zero Nicotine TAAT will be right where it’s most convenient for you to pick it up.