When we mention that a certain person vape, your perception of them as a person changes. Many people will think the individual is excellent and will obtain a boost in social identity. That’s because vaping is becoming more than simply a solution to quit traditional and dangerous smoking; it’s now a fashionable accessory.

Whether you admit it or not, vaping has a nice appearance and decent price. Also, it smells far superior to smoking. And with so many varieties to pick from, you’ll never be bored. Aside from that, vaping has become the standard and has been widely accepted by the community as an alternative to smoking.

Set all of it aside for a while. Are you interested in purchasing a vape pod? Then you’re the one we’re looking for! Check them out because you’re going to appreciate our product recommendation.

The Vinci Q Introduction

The VOOPOO Vinci Q pod is a unique vape product through VOOPOO pod. It is one of their most popular vape mods, and you’ll find out why when you try it. Most people know that it comes from the Vinci series, which can be found on the main website. Also, The VOOPOO Vinci Q pod is simple yet stylish, exquisite yet trendy, durable and colorfast.

To understand the Vinci Q pod, you must first know that it has auto button and unique ITO atomization technology. As a result, they are unlike the typical vape pods that we see on the market. It is also rechargeable and includes a built-in a large battery capacity of 900mAh, making it more convenient to use than previous models.

Vinci Q Features

The Vinci Q pod is the best-selling product from the series for specification. It is every customer’s favorite and obsession as it inherited the unique atomization and large capacity battery technology of VOOPOO pod.

Here are some of the best specifications offered by Vinci Q for more details.

Six Macaron Color Variations

Vinci Q highlights the theme of youth and coolness, so it comes with these six bright macaron colors:

1. Crystal Blue – This color symbolizes the youth who loves traveling and freedom. You can expect that it smells cute and fresh as well.

2. Charming pink – This cute color screams the feminine side of youth, like a lady who wants to try something cool – a cutesy but brave type of girl.

3. Ceramic White – As this is a neutral color, you can say that it is also the balance. It symbolizes those who are mature and straightforward people.

4. Seagull Gray – Another neutral but dark color. Seagull Gray emphasizes a lightweight bravery and boldness of a person.

5. Moss Green – We all know who loves this color. Those with great fashion but bubbly personalities. Moss Green symbolizes them perfectly.

6. Vibrant Orange – This color screams masculinity, seriousness, and passion. Like a person who is currently going through a big transition.

Upgraded Taste

The Vinci Q Pod is guaranteed an upgraded and lightweight Taste. It truly encompassed its past two versions and went to a more mouthful and delicate style. It also contains an atomizing effect that will taste an extreme level. Pro-tip, use this pod with nicotine salt oil.

Button or Auto: Dual Vaping Options

You can say that Vinci Q is sensitive and versatile when it comes to its style. To ensure that everyone will find a comfortable use of this product, they provided two vaping options. You can always switch anytime too.

Sensitive and Faster

Vinci Q is optimized with a smoother airway and a powerful GENE chip – making you enjoy the product in just a matter of milliseconds. It also comes with a fast ignition that you can’t simply ignore.

Stable Output With a Continuous Protection

The GENE chip offered by Vinci Q is guaranteed to be more comfortable, lightweight and stable for your experience. It provides advanced protection for overtime usage, overcharges, short circuit, over-current output, over-discharge, and over-temperature. Most importantly, it also has a nice appearance and decent prize.

It Comes With a Smart Light

The Vinci Q pod is truly clever when it comes to maximizing its product. This pod is utilized with a light button.

Adaptive Power

It is highly adaptive as it comes with 11-15 watt of adaptive power. Since it comes with charging devices, you can rest assured that it gets the best power.


As previously stated, VOOPOO is the creator of the Vinci Q series and the Vinci Q. It is a brand of electronic cigarettes owned by the massive corporation ICCPP. The company has advanced to a high level of development and is well-known in Germany, the United States, and France. When purchasing pods and other vaping products, the VOOPOO brand is a standout.