No matter what they try, it keeps on happening, at least once in life you’re going to get your vape pen clogged, but don’t panic, there are a few things you can quickly do before you decide on anything else from the hemp products at

If you’re a regular user, this is something you’ll hate to happen on the streets. But if you’re home, let’s get into these easy hacks on how to unclog your vaper or cartridge.

Reasons why Vape Pens clog

Clogging keeps on being a topic in vaping, so trying to avoid it seems like the first step, so let’s look into the causes to understand why vape pens clog.

Your vaper can be clogged in the mouthpiece or in the coil, depending on the type of vape pen and how it works, sometimes there are more chances for saliva to get in and mix with the oil, and when it hardens it can clog the airflow. This happens usually when the coil hasn’t heated up enough yet and some saliva gets in while pulling.

Another thing is that you may be using a THC distillate different from the original one in the pre-filled cartridge or tank, and they can vary in their density, some could be thicker and over time this can cause clogging.

Ways to prevent clogs in vapers and e-cigs

Let gravity be a friend and not your enemy, try using your vape pen only in a horizontal position, so you make sure nothing it’s dripping in or out. The pulling and condensation can get some e-juice to leak out the mouthpiece. If not, then saliva it’s the one going in, and mixing with the oil, ending up in some clogging. Takes some time to get used to it but it helps a lot in preventing clogs in your vaper.

Give the proper time for your vaper to heat up correctly, if it has a button to heat the coil, wait enough so the heat gets rid of any licking saliva too when you’re pulling.

Fixing a vape pen that is clogged. Where’s the problem?

Now, let’s try to fix that clogged vape pen. Check everything’s working fine, you have enough juice in the cartridge and enough battery power. Still, no vapor comes out. The first recommendation it’s to check where the clog might be.

Now, choose a place to work on this, maybe lay some napkins or something to work on that you don’t mind if it gets stained by e-liquid, you can even have some rolling papers in hand to clean some of the dripping oil and use it in a special joint.

Let’s get our hands dirty, or not. Make sure everything’s turned off and then, carefully, unscrew the main parts piece by piece. Check where it might be clogged by blowing or pulling onto each part.

Be prepared for some e-liquid coming out, so maybe hold every piece with some toilet paper, and try blowing instead of pulling if you want to avoid the distillate going into your lips and mouth.

A clog in the airflow or mouthpiece is easy to detect and fix. But if everything’s blowing fine, then you may have a clog in the coil.

Easy ways of fixing the clogs

Found the clog, if it is on the coil, you’ll need to use a paper clip, stick it on the inside very cautiously so you don’t ruin anything. You can help with heat, use a blow dryer to make sure the concentrate moves more easily. Heat up the whole vaper with the hairdryer for around a minute and when it’s hot, start pulling or blowing until it’s unclogged.