Flum Float is a disposable device that captures your attention from its looks alone, not to mention its incredible puff count and flavor range. If you are looking for a vaping device that is simple, maintenance-free, and still packs a decent punch, then the Flum Float may be an ideal choice. Read on to find out more about the disposable vape device. 


  • 8.0 mL per e-cigarette
  • 5% nicotine by weight
  • Approximately 3000 puffs per device
  • Made with salt nicotine
  • Pre-filled
  • Pre-charged
  • Draw-activation firing mechanism


The Flum Float vape sports a unique cylindrical shape that feels great in the hand. It certainly looks like a device that can deliver its promised puff count, but even at that, I had no issues carrying the device around with me. You’d still notice the bulge but asides from that, it’s pretty comfortable. 

If there’s a part of this disposable vape device that really captured my attention, it would be the mouthpiece. I haven’t seen any vaping devices with a similar mouthpiece before but it certainly did not look uncomfortable. After taking a few drags, I can categorically state that this is among the greatest mouthpiece designs for a vaping device.


There are no unnecessary manuals to go through to get started with the Flum Float disposable, and that’s a good thing for someone that just wants to get down to business. Thanks to its draw-activated firing mechanism, you can vape with the Flum Float straight out of its pack. Simply place the mouthpiece in your mouth and puff.

Pod Capacity

If an 8ml e-juice pod does not capture your attention, then I don’t know what will. The Flum Float did not go easy on the amount of e-juice you get to vape from a single unit, making it one of the highest disposable devices on the market in terms of puff count. With an e-juice pod capacity like that, it’s no wonder the device boasts of delivering up to 3000 puffs depending on your usage. 

Salt Nicotine Concentration

If you have been using disposables then it shouldn’t come as a shock that the Flum Float is prefilled with salt nicotine-infused e-juice. This means you get to vape much higher concentrations of nicotine without worrying about how it would feel in your throat. 

Each Flum Float disposable vape device comes prefilled with a 50mg salt nicotine formula specially formulated to allow heavy smokers to keep their nicotine cravings at bay whenever they need to. 

Flavor Range

One thing I always look forward to in a disposable is the number of flavors available, that way you can make sure that every experience is unique and flavorful. In that sense, the manufacturers behind this Flum Float disposable vape device present over 20 unique e-juice flavors to choose from ranging from your standard alone fruit vapes to menthol combinations that would set your inner vaper on fire. 

Here are some of the e-juice flavors that you get to choose from:

  • Mixed Berries: The delicious combination of mixed berries is unique and will have you coming back for more. It blends a variety of berry tastes, confusing and dazzling your taste buds just enough to make your mouth water.
  • Lush Ice: Lush Ice delivers a decadent flavor experience by giving you one of the market’s most well-liked flavor combos. It creates an exhilarating vape by fusing cold menthol with a tempting watermelon taste.
  • Red Bang: Red Bang combines the tastes of two of your favorite energy drinks to create an original flavor. Your mouth continues to taste the flavor, drawing you back.
  • Strawberry Mango: The flavor of strawberry mango is interesting. by fusing the mouthwatering tastes of sweet mango and luscious strawberry. The mix that results is quite deep.
  • Aloe Grape: Aloe Grape is a truly unique flavor that not many vape juice manufacturers have yet to offer. It blends aloe and grape in an incredibly wonderful balance to provide one of the most exhilarating flavor experiences your taste buds have ever had.


You can buy the Flum Float disposable vape device for $14.75 at westcoastvapesupply