The HXC Live Resin Disposable Vape offers an experience you will not want to forget, making it a device you will want in your collection from the very first use. To produce an all-around efficient and enjoyable experience, this disposable device contains live resin HXC and strain-specific terpenes. These HHC disposables make it a simple, convenient, and portable way to enjoy your preferred cannabinoid’s benefits.

Device Review

The Cake HXC Live Resin Disposable Vape is a very efficient and convenient method to enjoy the benefits of your preferred cannabis. With 1.5 grams of live resin HXC (HHC) and strain-specific terpenes, it has a distinctive combination that is both tasty and potent. You can choose from delectable flavors like RNTZ and Animal Mints, as well as potent Indica and Hybrid strains. The device is powered by a sizable inbuilt battery that can be recharged.

The HXC Disposable Vape by Cake is an impressive device that allows for an effective experience with every use. It uses a unique combination of living resin HXC (HHC) and strain-specific terpenes to create an amazing journey with every usage. Performance, ease of use, and amazing effects are the main priorities for this device.

Flavor Profile

Let’s take a look at the available flavors, the pleasure that can be derived from them, and the strains they are available in

  • Animal Mints (Indica): Animal Mints is an indica strain with a mouthwatering apple and mint flavor and calming effects. It was created by mating the strains of Animal Cookies and SinMint Cookies.
  • Blackberry Kush (Indica): Afghani and Blackberry strains were crossed to create Blackberry Kush. This indica variety tastes delicious berries and blueberries and induces sensations of relaxation and sleep.
  • Creme Brulee (Hybrid): A hybrid strain called Creme Brulee was created by crossing Platinum, OG Kush, and Girl Scout Cookies. With chestnut and butter, it has a delicious flavor and makes you feel tingling and sleepy.
  • Outer Space Sauce (Indica): Outer Space Sauce has a citrus and mango flavor and produces energizing, creative, and elevating benefits. It is an indica strain created by crossing Trinity and Island Sweet Skunk.
  • RNTZ (Hybrid): Zkittles and Gelato were combined to generate the hybrid strain known as RNTZ. It has a generally sweet and berry-like flavor and produces a joyful and giddy sensation

Product Specifications and Features

  • Disposable Design
  • Integrated Rechargeable Battery
  • Contains Live Resin HXC (HHC), and Terpenes
  • Amount: 1.5 Grams
  • Total Delta-9: Below 0.3%
  • Flash Frozen Live Resin
  • Premium Active Ingredients
  • Third-Party Lab Tested
  • Made in the USA


Once again, Cake has successfully released its new live resin disposables in the HXC line and is recognized for producing some of the greatest hemp products available. Enjoy these pre-filled and pre-charged HHC disposables. One of the most effective ways to use HHC is live resin. Superstrain got you covered with this Cake HXC Live Resin Disposable Vape. If you have $39.99 you’re not using, use it to order this product on Superstrain.