Vape pens and electronic cigarettes continue to increase in popularity, especially among young adults. As a newcomer, if you want to get better vaping experiences from your vape pen, you have to at least understand the basics of what they are and how they work. This is because vaping can be confusing with so many options on the market that makes it near impossible to simply try to figure out how to vape CBD. You would need to know about stuff like the temperature settings of the vape pen as well as other components. 

We’d start from the beginning so you understand just how to make that choice, just like an experienced CBD vaper.

What Is A Vape Pen?

A vape pen is the most common option for electronic smoking. It is a compact, simple, and cheap device that sometimes sports refillable tanks and replaceable coils. Most other times, it sports pre-filled tanks and disposable vape cartridges. 

How The Vape Pen Works

CBD Vape Pens - A Beginner's Guide

Almost all vape pens have the same parts. Some may have slight differences, but this is the most common:

  • Battery: For an electronic device, it needs something to power it up. The battery is what does that, and this is usually the longest part of the vape pen. 
  • Heating Chamber/Atomizer: This part attaches to the battery. It is where you place your concentrated cannabis oil, wax, or dry herbs. Here, they are heated until they produce vapor.
  • Mouthpiece: Attached to the heating chamber is this part. It allows you to draw the vapor produced by the heating chamber.
  • Charger: If it has a battery, it should have some way to recharge that battery when it goes down. This is the part that does that function. It is usually separate from the vape pen itself and usually a micro USB.

With these, you should understand how a vape pen works. To put it plainly, it works by providing power to the heating chamber, which then heats the concentrated cannabis oil, herb, or wax, until a vapor is produced. That vapor is what you then inhale via the mouthpiece.

Cartridges And Concentrates

When choosing the right CBD pen for you, you also have to take into consideration the kind of concentrates you prefer. You want to make sure that your vape pen is meant to be used with the kind of cartridges you prefer to vape. Cannabis concentrates come in a few forms: one is pre-filled, disposable oil cartridges, the other is referred to as budder, wax, and sugar. The latter works best in vape pens and is easier to work with and load even on the go. 

Choosing The Right Vaping Device

Let’s start off with the different types of vaping devices out there:

  • Tabletop Unit: ideal if portability is not on your list, and if you are all by yourself and would not be going anywhere anytime soon. It is also perfect if you want to share your experience with your friends around you.
  • Disposable Vape Pens: They are the easiest way to get started vaping CBD. Their portability makes them the best option for a travel vape device. Just like the name, they are designed for one-time use and come prefilled with your choice of concentrate. Once the pre-filled content runs out, you simply dispose of the unit. 
  • Pre-Filled Cartridges: This category features vape pens that use pre-filled cartridges in a bid to make the vaping process simpler. You can buy cartridges that contain CBD, THC, or a combination of both.
  • Refillable Vaporizers: These consist of a battery that is attached to a tank containing an internal coil. They are often more complex but they give you more flexibility over what goes into your body. 

Choose The Right Dosage

CBD Vape Pens - A Beginner's Guide

When it comes to CBD, dosage becomes an important factor because if you do not take enough, you would not get the benefits that you are looking for. A rule of thumb is to start small and gradually build upward until you find your ‘sweet spot’.

Why Choose CBD Vape Pens

Other than the incredible benefits CBD offers, CBD vape pens offer a smoke-free, less odorful, more discreet, and more efficient alternative. These are also the reasons for the increasing popularity of CBD vape pens.